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Your Recovery Team in California

These treatment providers are just part of YOUR RECOVERY TEAM. They are highly educated, experienced, and recognized as specialists in their perspective fields.

They are willing to come to YOU at your convenience and work with YOU individually. They will be available to support YOU for as long as YOU need them.

More importantly, their dedication and commitment to understanding and helping YOU recover and heal is unparalleled in the Addiction Recovery Community.

Medical Services

  • David I. Deyhimy M.D., FASAM
  • John L. Glavinovich MD
  • Andrew Schneider, Psychiatrist, DO
  • Angela Iacovino, D.C.
  • Matt Greene L.Ac.
  • Amy Noelle, Physical Therapist
  • Vanessa Courville, RN
  • Barbara H. Mamele, R.N., BSN

Mental Health Services

  • Monisha Vasa, M.D. (Psychiastrist)
  • Jerry Brown MA, PsyD, LMFT
  • Anna McCarthy, Ph,D.
  • Michael D. Lukens Ph.D
  • Angela McMahon, MACP, EdD
  • Heather DeVore CAD C-11,LAADCI-R.CCS
  • Delores Coats, B.A., CADC ll. Life Coach
  • Amy Noelle, MBSR, Mindfulness Coach
  • Brian Donegan

Interventionist - Recovery Management

  • Jay Schrader, CAC, CIP
  • James Hanlon AP, C.Ad
  • Carolyn Halpern BA, CRC