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About Addiction Reach Golf

Addiction Reach Golf utilizes leading-edge, peak performance, mind/body principles so you can take back your life on your own terms one shot at a time. We integrate mental and emotional mind practices and biomechanics. Your detoxification, if necessary, will be comfortable and safe. Your daily counseling will be one on one with Master and PHD level clinicians. Your golf therapies include swing instruction, on courser play, as well as, techniques to stabilize emotions. We integrate daily "off the green" one on one therapy addressing sobriety, mindfulness, relationships, the 19th hole, and relapse prevention. Individuals, all gender couples, families and relapsers benefit from this program in all stages of recovery. 
Receive treatment in Florida at the PGA National Resort.

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Short Term Intensive Golf Therapy

Short Term Intensive Golf Therapy for Drug, Alcohol, Sex, Gambling, Gaming and Internet Addictions.

Each program is customized to your time schedule and preferences. While the predetermined and established inpatient treatment is right for some, it is our experience that functional motivated people have great success when they are empowered to plan their journey back to their whole selves. Relapsers, in particular, excel in this approach. These programs work in all stages of recovery from substance detoxification to long term relapse prevention.

Programs are designed for individuals, all gender couples, women supporting women and families. You decide if YOU want to include your loved ones. They are welcome on and off the golf course.

Our unique treatment offers comprehensive golf integrated therapy, solid daily one-on-one counseling by highly credentialed therapists and flexible scheduling.

If you love golf, this program is for YOU!

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