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At Home

If you cannot leave your house or choose not to, your recovery team can come to you and offer golf and life instructions on your own private course in the comfort of your home. The home dynamic makes for positive family communication. You would be amazed at what can be accomplished at your kitchen table and at your golf club. Sometimes being surrounded by your possessions, the people you love, golf friends and business colleagues makes a positive difference in your recovery.  

Your golf program can be completely customized to add these options if applicable.  For example:

Integrated All Gender Couples Detox Treatment Program can be added in your home setting.
  • Addiction Reach has a groundbreaking approach to couple's receiving treatment together. In this model they work as a team to support each other from detoxification thru aftercare just as they would when they face any other life challenges.
  • The couple resides in a relaxed non-threatening location, in their home or a home retreat like setting conducive to restoring harmony and balance to their relationship.  Along with daily therapy (individually and jointly), fun activities and holistic amenities are shared by the couple. The program duration is flexible and is customized based on clinical recommendation and client's preferences.
  • All genders are welcome, as all significant unions are unique and can benefit from this program at any age and at any time in their recovery.
  • Unlike traditional programs where couples cannot detox or receive integrated treatment, we welcome the opportunity to address all issues in real time and process and mediate with the couple to reach workable solutions.

Addiction Treatment For Women by Women:

  • Nurturing Addiction, Mental Health Services and Wellness for women by highly credentialed women clinicians, individualized for you.  Gender is an important clinical issue in substance abuse treatment for women. There are gender differences in the development and substance use disorders and differences in treatment approaches. Researchers note that these differences begin with early risk factors for substance use and continue throughout treatment and recovery. Who better than women to understand and support other women?