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Your Providers: Tim Cantwell

Tim Cantwell

Your Recovery Team - Tim Cantwell

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather,  Tim began swinging the golf club at the young age of seven.

A golf scholarship led Tim to the University Of Mississippi (Ole Miss) where he served as team captain in his senior year and won a collegiate event as part of the SEC.

Tim entered the Wisconsin State Amateur tournament He won and was classified the best in the state.  Tim  then decided to galvanize his life long passion and turn go pro.

Over the next 30 years, Tim went on to play professional golf with 16 different Mini Tours   He won  25 professional events during that time.  Tim also went on to hold 14 course records, with a career low of 61. 
Tim now seeks to give back to the game that has given him so much.  His experience on the course has given him the best perspective for which to teach others.  During the course of Tim's career, he has surrounded himself with the best and the brightest in the game; players, coaches, professionals, equipment, courses, etc.  Passing on all that experience and knowledge to his students is now Tim's living passion.   

Tim will tell you that the game of golf is the game of life.  Golf teaches you about honestly, integrity, creativity, professionalism, and balance.  Just like in life, one needs all those great qualities to succeed in it.  Both come with a need for hard work and dedication to achieve one's goals.  It may not come easy, nothing worthwhile ever has, but with steadfast determination, direction and drive, they can be achieved.

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